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Zensiti will revolutionise how you furnish your condo

  • We create space

    Zensiti is building a range of amazing space-creating furniture packages for studios!

    Off the plan condo owners order in advance, customize their multifunction package and we deliver and install as soon as your unit is turned over- condo complete and ready to live in or rent out, straight away!

  • Turn your studio into 4 spacious rooms

    Our designers are curating packages of multi-function, transforming, space-creating furniture that make your studio feel roomy

    Dining Room

    Living Room




  • Space- creating healthier, happier & more balanced lifestyles.

    Our population is urbanizing, real estate in our big cities is getting so expensive, and space is at a premium - and we will help you create so much more!

    Health and wellness is holistic- a third of adults don't get enough sleep.  Zensiti packages will create uncluttered homes and beautiful aesthetics for peace of mind, and higher quality sleeping space and mattresses for better rest. 

  • No hassles, no headaches, no wasted time or money

    No planning to do, no looking for contractors, no more visits to countless furniture, appliance and home decor stores- no assembling shelves!

  • We do things differently

    Bricks and mortar retailers are inefficient, pay warehouse and retail rent, buy stock nobody wants, have too many staff, advertise- and they pass those expenses on to you.

  • Customised & made to order

    100% digital + latest technology = low costs for us & phenomenal value for money for you. Every item is made on demand for you. You select the colours and finishes & we deliver your trend-setting furniture quickly and at a fraction of the cost. 

Zensiti will "... revolutionise the way home owners personalise and furnish their homes with superior technology solutions"

Matt Trustrum- Early Stage Advisory & Founder Coach- Sydney Start Up Hub, Stockholm & London