Zensiti Affiliate Page

Are you a Real Estate Agent, who has hit 200kphp/year in your income?…

Are you an internet marketer looking for your next partner to sign up for?

Want to make some more commission? And to add-on value for your buyers?

Then you have what it takes to grow those figures, without giving up control of your vision, burning out, or tripling your stress.

Are You Ready to Get Off the “Six-Figure Hamster Wheel”, Stabilise Your Income, and Scale to $400k, $500k, or Even $750k a year?

How would it feel to finally have the answer to effortlessly generate more income with little effort and learn how to brand yourself as a leader in your Industry? Do you want people to be contacting you rather than chase them to sell their property?

What if you had the secret sauce to building intimate relationships with your audience at scale, so you have too many qualified clients trying to work with you?

You need people who already love you and your message, so they are pre-sold on working with you…

...so that when you hop on the phone, all you need to do is tell them your commission rate and when YOU are available.

What if you had a powerful support system to duplicate these results on demand…

...allowing you to serve clients on a higher level and quickly scale your business beyond 500kphp/year?

Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary tools you need to be successful. We will give you high converting marketing tools to empower you to become a world-class marketer.

As a Zensiti affiliate marketer, you can earn a massive commission and help your friend/relative/client/follower:

  1. Purchase innovative space-saving, multifunction furniture package;
  2. Have a stunning personalised interior, designed by professional designers; 
  3. Save money on buying furniture from bricks and mortar stores; 
  4. Save even more money by using your personalised affiliate link or discount code on our site;
  5. Save the hassle of visiting countless stores;
  6. Take all the pressure out of furnishing their new condo after turnover!

What is in it for you?

You will have access to information to being a leading real estate agent with access to hints and tips to brand yourself as a market leader and become a marketer of your own brand.

What Zensiti will provide to you to sell our products as well as your personal brand are:

  • banners, 
  • information about Zensiti, 
  • templates for social media, 
  • email templates,
  • guidelines for emails,
  • a Zensiti Affiliates Facebook Group,
  • a comprehensive Zenisiti affiliate guide; 

to help you communicate with your referrals.

If there is something you want specifically, email us on affiliate@zensiti.com and we’ll do our best to make it happen.



Zensiti sells innovative multifunction furniture packages for pre-sold studio condominiums! 

  1. Off the plan condo buyers order in advance here on our website;
  2. They can customize their package and pay in installments before turnover; 
  3. We deliver and install the package as soon as the unit is turned over- condo complete and ready to live in or rent out, straight away!

No planning to do, no interior designers to interview, no looking for contractors, no more visits to countless furniture, appliance and home decor stores- no assembling shelves!